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Pea shoot microgreens are the second most popular microgreens right after sunflower microgreens, and they are by far the easiest microgreens to grow. If you want to get into growing microgreens you should start with pea shoots

Pea seeds are quite large in size as compared to other microgreens.

  1. Add the pea seeds to a glass or a container and then add water to soak the seeds for 24 hours. I usually use a 10 by 20 to grow my microgreens however for the first time you can use a smaller container you get when you buy mushrooms

2. The growing medium I used to grow my microgreens is coconut coir. The coconut coir is free of pests and bugs and also retains moisture very well.

3. Premoist in the growing medium to avoid any expansion or contraction after planting.

4. After 24 hours the seeds are well hydrated, so add the seeds on top of the growing medium spread the seeds evenly with hands throughout the container.

At this point you can either add more growing medium on top of the seeds to cover and blackout the seeds or you can use another plastic container on top of the seeds to blackout the seeds as well.

I choose to cover my pea seeds with growing medium and then flatten out the surface with a piece of wood. 

How to grow pea microgreens GREEN HUIZ

Covering the seeds with growing medium works really well with pea seeds; however, this is not true with other microgreens. It’s better to blackout other microgreens with another flat or container.

After planting, water the container one more time. After two days the pea seeds will start to develop shoots. 

How to grow pea microgreens GREEN HUIZ

Keep watering every other day with a spray bottle. After another two days shoots are about a 2.5cm tall he container is growing very evenly and there is absolutely no mold in destroying medium. The shoots are looking very healthy as well and it is all because of coconut coir that retains moisture and absorbs any extra water and in turns prevents mold from growing.

Place the container near an airflow or a draught from AC or heat vent. Proper airflow prevents mold from growing as well.

How to grow pea microgreens GREEN HUIZ

After another two days, the shoots are about two to 7.5cm tall. Pea shoots are very easy to grow and unlike sunflower microgreens, pea shoots are forgivable if you make few mistakes. Pea shoots are not very particular about blackouts and applying weight on top when growing. Although these practices help to have a uniform and consistent harvest.

After another three days, the shoots are about 13cm to 15cm tall and ready to harvest. The growth is straight smooth and healthy. 

How to grow pea microgreens GREEN HUIZ

Harvest the shoots with scissors or knife. Take about 10cm of shoots and harvesting. 

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