Fruit Biscuits GLOB 95G

Vendor: Green Huiz
Product Code: BSGS1



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Fruit Biscuits 95g GLOB 

Delicious high-calorie hiking and travel biscuits.
Convenient on the road - does not crumble and quickly satisfies hunger.
Great as a snack between meals.


In addition to wheat flour, the GLOB Fruit Bescuits also contains currants, various herbs and a touch of lime, which gives it a slightly sweet taste. This makes it ideally suited to eat for breakfast or lunch without topping. There are 6 biscuits packed in sturdy aluminum foil.

Allergens in the product: wheat flour and sodium metabisulphite. May contain traces of soy, egg, milk and sesame.
Preparation: Ready to eat

Country of origin: UK.
Best before: 12/11/2023

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g dry product :

energy / calorific value / kJ / kcal: 1899/452

fat: 16.3 g

of which saturated fatty acids: 8.1 g

carbohydrates: 70.6 g

of which sugar: 25.9 g 

protein: 5.6 g

fiber: 3.5 g

salt: 0.5 g