Black Lentils Microgreen Seeds

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Product Code: BLS10



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Lentils, cultivated ever since the advent of early agriculture, have been a part of our diet for quite a long time. Lentil sprouts are a tasty way to enjoy them. 

The lentil microgreens flavour is somewhat like fresh peas. They go well in any salad you'd usually add sprouts to or in a sandwich with a spread such as hummus. It is widely used among vegetarians. 

Lentils are as easy to grow as other sprouts. The seeds of black lentils are small and outwardly, very similar to caviar. It germinates well, as a result of which it can be consumed independently or added to cold salads, preparing soups and meat dishes.

Black Lentils Microgreen Benefits

  • removes toxins from the body
  • normalises the work of the gastrointestinal tract
  • restores metabolism
  • improves the functioning of the genitourinary system
  • helps with varicose veins


Black Lentils Microgreen is beneficial during pregnancy and prevents colds.