Cacao pasta Raw 100g

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Cocoa trees produce pods, these pods contain 20 to 40 beans. These beans are removed from the pods and fermented in the sun. They are then sorted and further dried, thus extracting the water and giving it its wonderful aroma.

Then the beans are separated from their husks and over 10 hours they are ground in a winnowing mill into a fine paste called cocoa liqueur. This paste is then processed into large blocks of cocoa or into wavers and cooled.

Cocoa paste wavers are very suitable for making your own chocolate. Precisely because the cocoa paste is poured in a wave shape, it is very easy to measure accurate quantities.

Premium Cacao Pasta RAW 
Cacao Pasta RAW is a certified product of premium quality. Thanks to this certificate, you know that what you buy has been created with an eye and care for people and nature.

The BIO quality mark stands for 100% certified and reliable. These ingredients are therefore guaranteed to be free of all kinds of additives such as sugars, fats and meet all European requirements with regard to pesticides. The quality of our products is checked regularly.

Ingredients Cocoa bean Pasta raw
Special Features 100% Natural, Vegan, Raw, Sugar Free, Vegetarian

Allergen Free

Best before 01/09/2023

Nutritional values 100g

Energy (kcal/kJ) 625 kcal / 2585 KJ
Protein 14 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
Fats 53 g
Saturated fats 33 g
 Fiber 13 g
Natrium 0 g
Salt 0 g