Chipotle Smoked Jalapeno

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Chipotle or smoked jalapeno chili. It's pretty hot and ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 on the Scoville scale. This deliciously spicy version widely used in Mexican and Texas cuisine. Chipotle originates in the center and south of Mexico. Red jalapenos smoke, and when they're dehydrated, they lose 90% of their weight. Chipotle used in salsa. The word chipotle literally means smoked chili peppers. Ingredients Chipotle or smoked jalapeno: chipotle chile NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS PER 100 GRAM CHIPOTLE OR SMOKED JALAPENO: Total protein: 12.00 g Vegetable protein: 12.00 g Total fat content: 17.30 grams Total carbohydrate content: 56.60 g Dietary fiber: 27.20 g Energy value: 485 kcal / 2037.0 kJ