Coriander Whole Seeds

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Coriander spice is a common spice. Spice coriander is added to the first, second courses, vegetables and fruits. The seeds of the plant are included in various spice-aromatic mixtures. This is due to the fact that the aroma of peas is ideally combined with other spices. The spice is especially in harmony with:

peppers - red, white and black;
dried garlic and caraway seeds, turmeric and paprika.

Ground coriander is added to cold and hot drinks. For the latter, this spice gives a light warming note. Especially tasty coffee with the addition of a small amount of this spice.

In some cases, the seasoning can be added to pastries and baked goods. Sweets acquire unsurpassed piquant taste and aroma notes.

Crushed seeds are sprinkled with raw meat. Whole peas are added to cooked or smoked homemade sausages. The spice is sometimes used to preserve olives.

Stewed meat and vegetable dishes with aromatic peas get an excellent taste. Seasoning is widely used in homemade preparations for salting, preservation, pickles.

It is difficult to imagine salted lard without it. Seasoning finds its use for flavoring all kinds of sauces.