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A tree is a symbol of your commitment to a healthy ecology and the beauty of the world around you, which will live much longer than you can afford. Your children, grandchildren and many other generations will be able to admire it.

By planting a tree today, you will help save our world for the future. Because even one tree neutralizes about 20 kg of CO2 per year. It's not very much. But the efforts of many people will help make this contribution more significant to the ecology of our planet. Tell your friends about the opportunity to change global warming through tree planting. You can plant a tree in three clicks, it only takes two minutes. Your tree will grow in northern Sweden, in Lapland. In Sweden, as elsewhere in Scandinavia, the environment and greenhouse emissions are taken very seriously.
Our company cooperates with forestry of Västerbotten. You will receive a Certificate in your name or in the name specified in the additional information when ordering.

Let's calculate how much oxygen our forest will produce and why it matters!
Ecologists report that every hit on the keyboard has a negative effect on nature, corporations put the "CO₂ neutral" label on their products, governments issue agreements to limit gas emissions.

For a long time, a safe amount of greenhouse gases remained in the atmosphere, released with the evaporation of the World Ocean, volcanic activity and forest fires. In recent decades, due to the growth of industry, the concentration of gases began to increase. The planet began to heat up more and the threat of global warming appeared ahead.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Trees have the super ability to convert the greenhouse gas CO₂ into oxygen and erase our negative footprint.

If about 450 trees are planted per person, then climate change associated with CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced. Every tree matters. Start planting trees now and get closer to the 450 trees goal to permanently neutralize your own annual CO2 emissions. Plant a tree now with two minutes of your time!