Pak Choi Microgreen Seeds

Vendor: Green Huiz
Product Code: PCS34



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Pak Choi is a fast, easy-growing microgreen with a unique mild flavour. It goes well in any micro salad and can be grown to the baby salad stage.

Compared to its other vegetable families like cabbage and cauliflower, pak choi, or bok choy, contains more vitamin A and carotene. To be able to meet the required levels of vitamin A, eat 100 grams of pak choi. Aside from vitamin A, it is also rich in vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and iron.

The incredible benefits of Pak Choi Microgreen will be passed on to dishes if they are not thermally processed. They are best added fresh to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, stews, sandwiches and used as a decoration for meat or fish dishes.


Pak Choi Microgreen Benefits

  • has a beneficial effect on the intestines: cleanses it and relieves constipation,
  • vitamin charge provides active collagen production,
  • increases blood clotting,
  • maintains the quality of vision, nervous and immune systems,
  • improves the strength and elasticity of blood vessels.


Pak Choi Microgreen helps prevent cancer, especially when it comes to the lungs, prostate, colon, or mammary glands. This microgreen can prevent abnormal development of the fetus during pregnancy.