Poppy Seed Flour

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Product Code: POSF80



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Poppy seeds are a good source of vitamin B, calcium and manganese. It provide 31% by weight of Omega-6 fatty acids mainly linolenic acid and small quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid. Dietary fibers and Protein form 21% and 20% by weight respectively. Protein includes all major amino acids required and suggests that it is a complete or high-quality protein. Poppy seeds have a wide range of benefits. They act as a cure for sleeplessness and mouth ulcers and enhance digestion. Poppy seeds even improve female fertility to a large extent and can also aid in cancer prevention. Poppy seeds dietary fiber helps in lower cholesterol levels and eventually improves heart health. Poppyseed oil rich in linoleic acid offers protection against heart disease and heart attacks. It also has cosmetic benefits and is used for various massages on the head and skin. Poppy seeds oil is also used as salad dressing as it adds a unique flavor and aroma to the salad.