Red Onion Microgreen Seeds

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Red Onion Microgreens stand out due to their juiciness, decorative appearance, and sweet onion taste. It will add flavour and benefits to salads, omelets, sandwiches, soups, side dishes, meat, and fish dishes.

Onions are bulb-shaped vegetables that grow underground. Also known as bulb onions or common onions, they are grown worldwide and closely related to chives, garlic, scallions, shallots, and leeks.

Onions have several health benefits, largely due to their high antioxidant and sulphide content. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, lower blood sugar levels, and improved bone health.

Onions also contain decent amounts of vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and potassium, which provide a number of benefits.

Red Onion Microgreen Sprouts Benefits

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.   
  • Maintains bone strength.   
  • Increase the efficiency of the gallbladder.
  • Improves the functioning of the digestive tract, kidneys and urinary system. 
  • Have antibacterial, antifungal, antitumor effects.   

Due to its high content of vitamin C, red onion microgreens will become an irreplaceable source of ascorbic acid throughout the year.