Golden Milk Turmeric Tea Recipe

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea Recipe
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Golden Milk or Turmeric Milk is a traditional Indian tea that has been consumed for its health benefits for millenia. 

Thanks to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, which gives the drink its golden colour, and the digestive properties of ginger, this drink may improve your digestive health, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain, among other benefits.


Let's find out how to make it.








      1. To a small saucepan add coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, oil, pepper, and 1 cup boiling water.
      2. Whisk until smooth and all the ingredients are blended together.
      3. Pour into 2 cups.
      4. Top with a dash of cinnamon powder or vanilla powder, and a tablespoon of honey and serve immediately.




*If you aren't a big fun of coconut milk, almond milk can be used instead or 1/2 cup fat cream 33% +1/2 cup boiling water for keto-diet.

*Turmeric powder and ginger powder will settle to the bottom of the mug, so stir well before drinking.

* Honey should be added right before drinking so as not to ruin its benefits.

*Use hot green tea instead of boiling water for a delicious Golden Milk Green Tea or hot coffee for a energy booster Golden Milk Coffee. 




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