Casket made of horsehair fabric and natural suede with hand embroidery, black

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We present a box made of horsehair fabric and natural suede.

Brand: Margaret Eland
This unique product is made using hand embroidery, Swarovski crystals, and Japanese gold threads.

Diameter: 19 cm

Height: 7cm

Weight: 160 grams

Color: Black 

Compound: Horsehair fabric (hair 68%, cotton 32%),
                     Natural suede

The production of horsehair fabric uses looms and production methods that date back more than 125 years. Only the best natural materials are used. Quality guaranteed for many years. The base is made of cotton or silk. Horsehair is obtained from live horses, mainly from the Far East. Animals are not harmed during shearing.

COLOR FASTNESS Although every effort is made to ensure a standard of fading fastness, fabrics are only guaranteed for color fading up to grade 5 on the light fastness scale. This is the usual standard for woven upholstery fabrics.

FABRICS NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM LIGHT. Window glass increases the damaging effects of sunlight. Winter sun and reflections from snow are even more harmful than summer sun. Colors can fade due to oxidation, "gas fading", if fabrics are stored too long without airing. Some colors are affected more than others, especially black and fabrics containing silk. Pollutants in the air can cause the same fading as direct sunlight.

CLEANING Dust has impurities that affect fabrics. Vacuum or brush the fabric frequently. Do not wash horsehair fabrics, although they can be dry cleaned. This operation should be performed by a reputable home furniture cleaning professional. Fabrics cannot be guaranteed against discoloration due to contact with any cleaning liquids. Most marks can be removed with a damp cloth and a soft brush.
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Made in Sweden