Anthemis nobilis syn. Chamaemelum nobile, Roman

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Anthemis nobilis syn. Chamaemelum nobile  

Chamomile, Roman

sorts and variety
Arterner unfilled origin
grow quickly , volatile oil 1,5 – 1,8 %

flowers (Chamomillae romanae flos)

most important active substances

volatile oil with  chamazulen 0,6 – 2,4 %, ester of angelic- or tiglic acis, sesquiterpene lactons, flavonoids, caffeic and ferulic ester, polyynes

most important usages

for feelings of fullness and wind in the upper abdominal region, bloating, sluggishness of the bowels; in the cosmetic for hair care; also as insect repellent, ornamental plant

Recommendations for Cultivation

Chamomille, Roman with unfilled flowers

Weight per Thousand Seed Grains: 0,17 g

Seed demand for drilling: march or september 4 kg/ ha

Demand for plantation: march or september  9 plants/m²

Distance between the rows: 40 - 50 cm

harvest: during the flowering time.