Doomsday Seeds

Doomsday Seeds
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In the film The Big Short, Brad Pitt plays Ben Rickert, a character based on former banker Ben Hockett. Retired from Wall Street, he lives as a survivalist and devotes his time to saving seed – a “hedge fund” against global economic calamity. Now that the doom mongers are out and about in the City again, your best investment is undoubtedly a packet of seeds; nothing gives you better returns.

Todd Sepulveda is the editor of Prepper Website. He explains who the preppers are.

“A prepper is simply someone who prepares.  Life throws curves at times.  Preppers do what they can to mitigate potential situations they can see like hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, blizzards and unforeseen disasters like tornados, terrorism, economic turmoil, and even job loss.  Preppers would rather prepare their families for a disaster than depend on the government or other sources for help.

“Prepper” is a modern term.  In reality, it is just common sense.  The term describes what individuals and families did before there was mass transportation of food and access to 24/7 stores.  For example, if your grandfather didn’t put back seed from the current crop of food, there wasn’t seed to plant the next growing season.  If your grandmother didn’t can the excess produce from the Spring harvest, there wasn’t fresh fruit and vegetables during Winter.  They “prepared” for the next season.”

American Lucinda Bailey, widely known in narrow circles under the name Lady Seed, is convinced that plant seeds are more valuable than weapons, money, gold. She says that if a cartridge of only a certain caliber can approach a gun, then its seed bank of survival will probably feed the family in troubled times – when the economy simply disappears with the end of the world.


For quick growing greens, you can grow microgreens. You won't be able to yeild a crop from microgreens but they have their advantages:

  1. No need to wait long. It can be eaten on the second day as seedlings. Or cut off as microgreen after five to ten days.
  2. The composition of vitamins and minerals is ten times greater than adult plants.
  3. Only a LED red lamp and water (hydroponics) are needed for germination. You can also sprout without soil – on paper or on hemp growing medium. 
  4. Can be grown indoors without sunlight.
  5. Low cost of seeds per kg. compared to ordinary seeds.
  6. You can buy from us about 45 names of seeds for microgreen.
  7. Storage like ordinary seeds, depending on the type of seeds 2-6 years.

    Non-GMO, organic seeds, certified by the European Union, offers security, quality assurance and high germination rates.

    You can buy seeds here

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