Chelidonium majus, Celandine, Greater Seeds

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Chelidonium majus

Celandine, Greater

 sorts and variety


tetraploid variety from Poland, very high in alkaloid content (chelidonin) high yields of herb and roots

herb (Chelidonii herba), roots (Chelidonii radix)

most important active substances

chelidonine, chelerythrine, sanguinarine, berberine and other alkaloids

most important usages

spasmodic pain of the bile ducts and the gastrointestinal tract, used since classical times for liver and gallbladder complaints

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains: 0,6 g

Seed demand for drilling: in april 7 - 10 kg/ha (it germinates slowly!)

Demand for plantation: in march 4 - 6 plants/m²

Distance between the rows: 50 cm

harvest: in the first year august/september, in the next years 3 cuttings