Petroselinum crispum, Parsley Giganta Italia Seeds

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Petroselinum crispum


Sorts and variety
Smooth variety Giganta d Italia

Fruits (Petroselini fructus), herb (Petroselini herba), roots (Petroselini radix)

Most important active substances

fruits: 2 - 7 % volatile oil, according to variety: apiole (58 - 80 %); myristicin (share 49 - 77 %) allyltetramethoxybenzole (50 - 60 %), there are yet more components in the essential oil; fatty oil about20 % (ca. 70 % petroselic acid)

leaves: 0,4 - 0,5 % volatile oil with apiole, myristicin, allyltetramethoxybenzole, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B

root: 0,05 - 0,12 % volatile oil with apiole, myristicin, allyltetramethoxybenzole, terpinolene

Most important usages

For unspecific infections of the urinary tract and kidney gravel, spice

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains: 1,5 g

Seed demand for drilling: march 10 g /ha

Distance between the rows: 25 - 30 cm

Harvest: several times in the year