Digitalis purpurea, Foxglove, Purple Seeds

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Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove, Purple

sorts and variety



leafes (Digitalis purpureae folium), seeds (Digitalis purpureae semen)

most important active substances

purpureaglykosid A and B (secondary glycoside: digitoxin), different glycosides, saponins, digitonin

most important usages

cardiac insufficiency, particularly hypertonia (only the pure substance)

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains. 0,06 g

Seed demand for drilling: april / may 4 - 5 kg /ha

Demand for plantation: april/may 9 plants /m²

Distance between the rows: 30 - 50 cm

harvest: leafes in autumn and the next spring; seeds in the second year

good winter hardiness, high leaf-yields, the content of digitonin in the seeds (seed yield: 500 - 600 kg/ha, about 6,5 % digitonin), middle contents of purpureaglycosids in the leafes (4,35 % digitonin)