Anethum graveolens, Dill

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Anethum graveolens  


sorts and variety Gewohnlicher                                                    
leaf-rich variety providing both, seeds and greens for flavouring purposes

herb (Anethi herba), fruits (Anethi fructus)

most important active substances

in the herb 0,1 – 1,5 % volatile oil chief constituents carvone, dill apiole, limonene; phtalides,

in the fruits  2,0-5,0 %volatile oil components carvone, dill apiole, Limonene; phtalides; fatty oil (10-20 %); furanocumarins, hydroxycumarins

most important usages

used as a prophylaxis for and in the treatment of diseases and complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, use as spice in the kittchen

Recommendations for Cultivation:

Weight per Thousand Seed Grains: 1,5 g

Seed demand for drilling: april 8-12 kg/ha

Distance between the rows: 25-30 cm

harvest: leafes, if it is about 25 cm high, herb with  bud before the flowering (June/July), fruits august/september.