Edible Flowers Nasturtium Seeds

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Tropaeolum majus 
herb (Tropeoli herba)
most important active substances
Glucosinolatesascorbic acid
most important usages
supportive treatment of bronchitis and infections of the urinary tractstrengthening the immune system.

Nasturtiums can be used in the same way as microgreens and other edible flowers. For example, in salads, for making pesto, on top of pizzas and sandwiches, and even for decorating cakes. In addition, this plant is used to make herbal tea, which is both a moisturizing and a good source of several nutrients.

Culinary establishments offer a special tasting, cappuccino or Indian salad. Buttons and a different list of names for the selection of cross-salad, which have a pleasant aroma and give you the taste of ice cream. The second part of the session will be the one that will be displayed, which will be added to the list of black perches.

Recommendations for cultivation
Weight per thousand seed grains: ca. 200 g
Seed demand for Drilling:spring 6 kg / ha sensitive to frost
Demand for plantation: spring 6 plants / m²
Distance between the rows: 30 – 50 cm
harvest: during the flowering time in summer