Edible Flowers Pot Marigold Seeds

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Pot Marigold is not only a medicinal plant, but also an edible plant that is often grown specifically for human consumption. It gives dishes a pungent and tart taste, therefore it is very suitable for dressings and salads, making them more savory and aromatic. Pot Marigold is also used to make soups, meat and fish dishes, and even pastries.

Fresh inflorescences can be stewed and served as a side dish for meat and fish, seasoned with them in soups and salads. Both fresh and even dried flowers are added to meat and vegetable soups. They are used to prepare liqueurs and liqueurs. Chopped in a meat grinder and mixed with butter, they are used for making sandwiches, flavoring and coloring cheese. In addition, marigold flowers are used to prepare excellent refreshing and tonic drinks.