Origanum vulgare, Majoram, Wilde Seeds

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Origanum vulgare

Majoram, Wilde

Sorts and variety
Origin: Pink flowers, rich in leaves, high yields
drug: herb (Origani herba)

Most important active substances

Volatile oil 0,3 - 0,15 % (depends on the origin), with thymol carvacrol, terpinen, p-cymen, flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, triterpenes

Most important usages

Spice, dyspepsia, urinary and respiratory tract disorders, coughs, as an appetite stimulant, as a constituent of the oregano herb mixture,

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains: 0,15 g

Seed demand for drilling: spring 3-4 kg/ha

Demand for plantation: april 6 plants/m²

Distance between the rows: 50 cm

Harvest: in the flowering time