Satureja hortensis, Savory, Summer Seeds

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Satureja hortensis

Savory, Summer

upright, about 70-80 cm high, use in fresh herb production,oil content about 2,6 % in dry herb

herb (Saturejae herba)

most important active substances

volatile oil (0,2 - 4,5 %) with carvacrol, p-cymen, thymol and other; rosmarinic acid; musilages

most important usages

for acute gastro-enteritis, spice

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains: 0,6 g (needs light to germinate)

Seed demand for drilling: April. 8 - 10 kg/ha

Distance between the rows: 25 - 30 cm

harvest: in the beginning of the flowering time