Urtica dioica, Stinging Nettle, Greater

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Urtica diocia 

Stinging Nettle, Greater

sorts and variety
Origin Artern
Increase with seeds, grow quickly, tall and leaf - rich

Herb and leaves (Urticae herba et folium); roots (Urticae radix)

most important active substances

herb: in the stings of the plant: histamine (0,1 – 0,5 %), serotonin (0,02 %), leukotriens, acetylcholine (1%), formic acid ;flavonoids, silic acid, volatile oil, vitamin C

root: steroids, lectins. polysaccharides, scopoletin, lignans

most important usages

micturition disorders in prostate adenoma stages 1 to 2; as irrigation therapy for inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and as a prophylaxis for kidney gravel, oedema, rheumatism, gout and prostatitis, hair and scalp remedy for oily hair and dandruff, animal fodder

Recommendations for cultivation

Weight per thousand seed grains: 0,1 g

Seed demand for drilling: april/may 6 – 8 kg/ha (slowly germination and youth development)

Demand for plantation: spring or autumn 6 – 9 plants / m²

Distance between the rows: 50 cm

harvest: before flowering time; several cuttings in the year