Solidago Virgaurea, Goldrute Echte 'F-Typ' Seeds

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Solidago virgaurea
Golden Rod

Sorts and Variety
Breeding variety, uniform, Leiocarposid 9,92 mg/g, Virgaureosid 0,98 mg/g, Rutin 10,57 mg/g, content of phenolglycosid 9,9 mg/g, flavonoide 11,83 - 13,11mg/g

Herb (Solidaginis virgaureae herba)

Most important active substances
Over 1 % flavonoids (quercitrin, rutin and other.); saponins; ca. 0,5 % volatile oil, leiocarposid; virgaureosid

Most important usages
Mainly used to increase urine volume in the case of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, as an irrigation therapy for inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract and as a therapy and prophylaxis against bladder stones and kidney gravel

Recommendations for cultivation
Weight per thousand seed grains: 0,4 g (needs light to germinate)
Seed demand for drilling: april/may 34 kg/ha (slowly youth development)
Demand for plantation: 9 plants / m²
Distance between the rows: 30 - 50 cm
Harvest: in the flowering time, active substances depends on the high of the cut