Wood fiber

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Product Code: WFNF200



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Wood wool natural filler from environmentally friendly wood. The unique decorative and cushioning properties make wood wool an excellent packaging material. Your gifts will look aesthetically pleasing, and will also be reliably protected from damage. And wood wool will complement any gift with natural eco charm. Due to its elasticity and hypoallergenic properties, wood wool is an excellent material for stuffing soft toys and decorative pillows.

Wood filler is not just sawdust, but specially produced wood shavings for a gift box. Wood wool outperforms paper filler due to its excellent cushioning qualities (it springs well and keeps its shape), beautiful texture (curls), economical consumption and natural origin (does not contain chemical dyes). It is used for packing souvenirs and gifts, stuffing toys, transporting and storing fruits, window dressing. Great for packaging eco - products and handmade.

Wood fiber is ideal for turkey nests, but most of it we sell to our customers who are looking for decorative and protective packaging.

In horticulture, it is primarily intended for strawberries. But in fact, it works great for all vegetables and berries that have contact with the soil in the garden, such as pumpkins and zucchini. This is one of the options for mulching.

Approximate size 0.2 x 2 mm

Сonsist Natural Paw 
Special Features 100% Natural, Raw, Wooden